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Jan 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
, sasha and malia wearing today, and a winery celebrating with a special toast. >> president obama paid tribute to the man birthday we're celebrating today. and they paused before this bust of the civil rights leader. the president said this was the first time he'd noticed the king bust among artifacts there and said it was a privilege to use the bible of the civil rights leader in his swearing in ceremony. >> the 24th annual martin luther king junior paradex√∑(f held this morning this, is the oldest tribute to king in the east bay. the parade ended with a rally. >> people in san jose honored the late civil rights leader by hopping aboard the annual freedom train. this train ended in san francisco, coming up at 4:55 we'll have a report on other events around san francisco honoring dr. king. >> check out this video shot hours ago by sky 7 hd. that is a surfer near the cliff house. >> strong rip currents caused the surfer to lose his bearings. the coast guard first thought of air lifting him but then decided on a different approach. they told the surfer to jump into the water and jim aga
Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
orleans saint. and as well as reaction to comments made by president obama. in which he said if he had a son, woe have to think twice about whether or not he would allow his son to play football. we'll hear coach harbaugh reacting on that as well as some others. for now, dan, carolyn? >> fwlait job to. wayne, everybody one there, we appreciate it. >> abc 7 collin rash is drilling him and the rest taking the podium there for the first super bowl news conference this week. collin will let us know what they said coming up at 6:00. >> yes. we're retweeting updates from larry, wayne and the team. a former 49er has just arrived in new orleans. katie marzulo putting together for abc 7 morning news. our live coverage will continue right up until kickoff and afterwards. >> chp working to track down the cause involved in this. a dangerous display of driving on a busy freeway. >> drivers stopped and took this video of cars doing doughnuts on interstate 880. this video and others like it were posted online. >> it's an illegal display of what is known as a side show, sho so loud koit be heard for m
Jan 23, 2013 4:00pm PST
this weekend at deyoung museum. >> michelle obama's eye ro. what house boehner -- speaker john boehner says it isn't about. >> san jose, it's cloudy. they've seen a little bit of rain. so far only 1/100ths in san jose. i'll let you know how long you'll need, coming up. >> looking at traffic checking out golden gate bridge. you can see the road is slick but traffic moving along nicely. >>> the painting known as the dutch mona lisa is about to go on exhibit. girl with the pearl earring ais a famous painting by vermeer and is recognized as a masterpiece for the use of shadow and light. and the girl's face generates a lot of interest. >> don't know who she was. she was probably based on an actual person but we don't know who that person was. there is something mysterious about looking at her, she invites to us fill in her story. >> the painting is on loan from the netherlands. works by dutch masters including rembrandt are also on display. >> everybody has been talking about this, house speaker john boehner debunked a theory about the first lady's eye rolling. michelle obama caught
Jan 22, 2013 4:00pm PST
obama's second term has begun, and the hollywood a list is showing their support. >> alicia clees, kelly clarkson and katy perry were in attendance for the inauguration yesterday and shared excitement with fans, kelly said what an honor to be part of history. the presence was powerful and words, unforgettable. it's a proud day for america. before her performance, keys tweeted cheers to our president. speaking of twitter justin beiber surpassed lady gaga as the most-followed person, has 33.3 million followers. rounding out top five, katy perry, rihanna and president barack obama. preparations for the big night are well underway. wolf gang puck gave us a preview of the menu for the stars attending the exclusive after party, the governor's ball. >> this year, it's a variety. just like movies there are many great movies this year, we have great dishes so it's up to you to pick what you like. >> make sure to catch oscars february 24th here on abc. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> still to come, pg&e testing a device measuring pipe corrosion. >> what is in food that you sfwhi a report about
Jan 24, 2013 4:00pm PST
and kill. president obama says the new policy will help the u.s. military become even stronger. >> a 19 second viral video is grabbing atension of faa. a video shows a stunt by a pilot. coming within feet of a person on the runway and then, making a quick maneuver to avoid hitting a woman a few feet away. abc news learned this was posted and removed by a stunt pilot who advertises as a daredevil for hire. faa is not aare muzed saying sit investigating. experts say the pilot seems to know what he's doing the move was not smart. >> several points along the way this, guy could have made mistake that's could wo have killed himself and two people filming here. >> sources tell abc news the waiver to pefsh form expired in november. and that if it hadn't, pilots are required to ensure the safety of people on the ground. efforts by abc news to reach new birg have not been successful. >> confirmation hearings gn for senator john kerry. hillary clinton froin dused her likely successor to committee chairs. he testified the u.s. will do what we must to prevent tehran from developing a nucle
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5